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The main sections of the app are Home, Explore, Sell, Messages and Profile



Home shows you listings from people that you follow. As soon as someone you follow lists something new, you’ll see it pop up in your home feed. Don’t like what you see? Simply unfollow that user and their listings will stop appearing.



The Explore section is where you can search and see the best items and sellers on Depop. Items on the Explore page are curated by Depop, and are constantly updated to ensure you see the best of what our sellers have to offer. Tap the People tab to search for users and see our updated list of suggested sellers. Tap Search to look for a specific item or brand. You can then filter the results to see items by category, size, price or location. Searches will be saved once you look for something, so your favourites will be accessible the next time you search.



The camera icon is what you tap to sell something. Simply add your photos, write a description of what you’re selling, select a category, and specify other details like delivery method and price.  Once it’s published, you can edit your listing at any time from your Profile.



Messages is where you can check your chats with other members of the Depop community. Kick off conversations on items, ask questions, follow-up after purchases, collaborateit all goes down in the DMs.



Profile is your home where you can see items you’re selling, your likes, your reviews and followers/following, your notifications, manage your sold and purchased items, review your settings and edit your preferences.


Depop 101


How do I buy an item?



Go to Explore search2.png to search for items and people


Like something

Tap on like like.png on a product listing or simply double tap on the image.


Comment on an item

Tap on comment comment.png on a product listing


Save an item

Tap on save save.png on a product listing


See my Saved items 

Go to Profile > Saved items tab


Pay for an item

Tap on Buy > Confirm your Address > Choose to purchase with PayPal or use a Debit/Credit Card


See something I’ve purchased 

Go to Profile > Receipts receipts.png > Purchased


Get Help

Go to Profile > Settings settings.png > Support > Help


Message a seller

Tap on the dots menu in the upper right-hand corner of a seller’s profile to send them a message


Message a seller about an item

Tap on the dots menu on a product listing


Report an item

Tap on the dots menu on a product listing to report an item.  


Report an issue with a transaction

Go Sold/Purchased > Tap on Item > Tap on Help help.png in the upper right-hand corner


Report someone

Tap on the dots menu in the upper right-hand corner of someone’s profile to report them


Block someone 

Tap on the dots menu in the upper right-hand corner of someone’s profile to block them


Add my shipping address

You can add a new address or delete an existing one at checkout. Tap on Confirm your Address to change your address..


How do I sell?


Add my PayPal account as a seller

When you list an item, you will have a chance to setup your PayPal account once you’ve added your listing details


See my notifications

Go to Profile > Notifications notification.png 


Disconnect my PayPal account

If you have already connected your PayPal account, you can disconnect it by going to Settings settings.png > Preferences > Selling > PayPal


Change my profile

Go to Profile > Settings settings.png > My Account > Edit profile

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