What is PayPal and how does it work?

Depop Team -

PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to electronically transfer money to another person or business. It enables you to transact digitally without sharing sensitive financial details, so your privacy is 100% secure. PayPal also offers Seller and Buyer Protection, so you're covered in case a transaction doesn't go to plan.

After you make a sale, the money will be immediately transferred into your PayPal account. You can leave the money there to use for future PayPal transactions or you can transfer it to your bank account.

To sell on Depop, you must connect a PayPal account to your profile.

To buy on Depop, however, you can checkout using either PayPal or a credit/debit card. (Read more here.)

How do I open a PayPal account?

It only takes minutes to open a PayPal account, and it's free! Sign up here.

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