The item I bought isn't as described

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If the item you received doesn’t match the original description, contact the seller immediately to let them know.

If the item was described inaccurately, the seller will need to refund you for the full amount. The seller may also offer to replace the item or you may keep the item and ask for a partial refund.

If you can't find an agreement, contact us through the in-app Help section (Profile profile.png > Settings settings.png > Help > Report a transaction problem) to report the issue. We will give you instructions on how to proceed.

If the item was significantly not as described, you will be asked to return it to the seller. Once the item reaches its destination, the full amount you paid will be transferred back into your PayPal Account or card. This way both you and the seller are protected.

If the item you purchased was counterfeit, please also report it to us by going to the user page > tap on the top right three dots > Report User. We will then review the products in the user’s profile and take appropriate action if we find that they are counterfeit.

Keep in mind that Buyer Protection only applies to items significantly not as described which means it won't cover you if you simply changed your mind or if the item was accurately described by the seller.

TLDR? We made the video below to summarise.

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