How can I report an item or a user?

Team Depop -

We value the community on Depop and your feedback is important to us.

If you think that an item on Depop is inappropriate, illegal or listed in our Prohibited and Restricted Items list, or if you think a user is not following the rules, please let us know.

To report an item

  • Tap the three dots item you would like to report
  • Select Report item
  • Add a brief reason for reporting the item (e.g. hazardous material, illegal, the item is fake, etc)
  • Tap Send

To report a user

  • Go to the user's profile
  • Tap the three dots on the top right hand of the profile 
  • Tap Report user
  • Select a reason and add a short comment to help us understand what's wrong 
  • Tap Send

If you need to report an item you have purchased, please find instructions on how to do so here.

We will review all reports and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Thanks for your help!

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