How can I buy safely?

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We love Depop and our amazing community, who make it what it is. To keep things simple, here are a few tips on how to make a safe purchase:

1. Pay only in-app using the 'Buy' button. This way if something goes wrong we can work to quickly rectify the situation and you will be refunded the full amount if your item doesn't arrive or is significantly not as described.
Never pay for an item via bank transfer, direct PayPal payments, concealed cash or any other out of app methods. Any meet in person transactions are also not eligible for Buyer Protection.

2. Always check the seller’s reviews. Did other users enjoy buying from this seller? If they didn't, why? There are plenty of great items and sellers on Depop so look elsewhere if what you see is not great and report it to us if you think it infringes our rules.

3. Ask the seller about their return policy. Do they offer refunds? If so, what is the refund procedure?

4. Pay attention to fakes. We work hard to keep the app clean of fakes but we need your help too to keep up the good job. If you are not sure whether an item is genuine or not, ask the seller for more information and report it to us if still in doubt. We will investigate together. Here are our tips on how to spot a fake item.
Pay particular attention to:

  • luxury brand goods (e.g. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, Tiffany…) 
  • electronic devices (e.g. Apple iPhone and Mac, Playstation…)
  • sneakers and streetwear (e.g. Nike, Adidas, Supreme…)
  • make up items (e.g. MAC, Naked...)

We have a list of Prohibited and Restricted Items that we invite you to read. Please report any item you think is breaking our rules. Any item or user profile that we consider ambiguous or disrespectful of our Terms, will be removed from the app.

5. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The latest iPhone model at £50? A pair of brand new Nikes at £20? It’s too suspicious. Always check the listing thoroughly, in particular:

  • pictures. Beware of listings with only one blurry picture, or listings with no picture of the actual item, particularly if it’s an expensive and popular one. If there’s more that one picture, check the backgrounds: are they different in each one of them? They might be just copied and pasted from other websites, be careful
  • description. Does it give detailed and clear information? One-line and ambiguous descriptions can be suspicious, so ask the seller for more info. Honest sellers have nothing to hide!
  • price. Great deals exist of course, but an expensive item that goes for a ridiculous price should make you stop and think. Check the above, and report anything suspicious to us. 

6. Ask the seller to ship the item with tracked delivery and to show you proof of postage. This way, both of you will know where the item is at any time and when it reaches its destination.


Depop Protection

As you know, PayPal is a trusted platform that we use, to always ensure your money is safe and your transactions are protected.

However, we value our community, so in the event something goes wrong and you have done everything by the book, we will ensure you don’t lose out.

As stated previously, the option ‘meet in person’ is not covered by either Buyer or Seller Protection, as neither we or PayPal are able to verify any shipping details.

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