How to meet in person safely

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A meet-in-person transaction is when the buyer and the seller meet face to face to hand over the item. Meeting in person is sometimes the easier way for a buyer to pick up an item.

However, meet-in-person transactions are not covered by Buyer or Seller Protection.

We always recommend that you ship - or ask to ship - the item in order to avoid any issue, and use in-app payments.

If you decide to go ahead, please follow these rules to ensure your safety:

  • Never go alone. Always take a friend or adult with you whenever you’re meeting someone, and let others know where you’ll be meeting.
  • Public places only. Never agree to meet someone at their house, or invite them to yours. Always choose a public place, preferably somewhere with CCTV like a train station, or a shopping centre. 
  • Check it over. Don’t be afraid to open the packaging if the item is wrapped up to make sure everything’s okay before you leave.  
  • Obtain proof of delivery. As a seller, ask the buyer to send you a message in the Depop chat confirming that they have received the item, and when. As a buyer, make sure you leave a message to the seller in the Depop chat and ask them to reply to confirm. If something goes wrong and we ask you to prove that the transaction happened, you'll need to be able to show us such proof. If you don't obtain this proof, you might loose your money.
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