How can I swap safely?

Team Depop -

Since they are not processed using the in-app payment system, swaps are out-of-app transactions and are not covered by our Protection Programmes. This means that in case of problems, there might be very little we can do to help. If you decide to go ahead and swap an item, make sure you do it inside the app following the steps below. This way, your swap will be protected:

  1. Agree a fair value for the items you’re swapping. It should be an amount that you would feel comfortable accepting if you were selling the item instead of swapping. This will be the sum covered by Seller and Buyer Protection.
  2. Both you and the ‘swapper’ list your items to swap for the same price. Create a listing just as if you are going to sell your items, and set the price you agreed. 
  3. Buy each other's items using the ‘Buy’ button. Since you’ve both listed your items at the same price, it’s almost like you’re swapping money. Your transaction is now registered in our system and is covered by our Protection Programmes.
  4. Bid farewell to your item and send your swap off in the post. Send your item by tracked delivery and obtain proof of postage.

By following this procedure, you’ll pay a small fee to Depop for the swap, but this will make sure that you’re protected with Buyer and Seller Protection in the event that something doesn’t go quite right.

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