I would like to return an item, can I have a refund?

Team Depop -

All refunds must be arranged between you and the seller.

As Depop is a marketplace, it facilitates sales rather than allowing buyers and sellers to transact directly from us. Therefore, you will have to check with the seller what is their return and refund policy before buying.

If you are unhappy with an item you’ve purchased, you should first of all contact the seller and inform them. Explain the reasons why you are not happy with the item, and try to discuss a solution that works for both.

Private sellers are not required by law to offer refunds, so before buying an item, it’s always a good idea to check what’s their return policy to avoid misunderstandings.
If you agree on a return, make sure you ship your item using a tracked, signed for method. This way you’ll always know where the item is and when it reaches its destination.

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