Why is my money 'pending' in my Depop Wallet?

Team Depop -

When your money is 'pending' in your Depop Wallet, it is being securely held by Depop and our banking partners.

Your money is pending for one of the following reasons:

  • You are a non-verified user. If you are a non-verified user, the money from a transaction is released 14 days after you've marked the item as shipped. This is to make sure that your item reaches the buyer safely, and gives them enough time to let us know of any issues. To receive your money, please make sure you mark your item as shipped once it has been sent. To mark an item as shipped, go to Profile > Sold Items > tap the item you have sold > tap ‘I have shipped this item’.
    Verified users have instant access to their money. You can read more about how to become a verified user here.
  • You have an open dispute for one of your transactions. The money for this transaction will stay pending until the dispute is resolved.
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