What is a Depop Wallet 'payout limit'?

Team Depop -

If you are a Depop Wallet seller who sells lots of items, you may find that you reach your payout limit. This means that the money you pay out to your bank account may appear back in your Wallet.

The payout limit is in place to prevent fraudulent activity.

In order to lift this limit and allow the payout to be processed, your ID needs to be authenticated by our banking partners.

How can I lift the payout limit?

If you think you've reached this limit, just get in touch with us at wallet@depop.com. Once we've confirmed you've reached your limit, we'll ask you for your ID- this can either be the photo page of your passport or the front and back of your driving license.
If you are verified, we already have a copy of your ID safely stored.

We will then send your ID documents to be approved by our banking partners. Once your ID has been approved, your payout will be processed and the money will be available in your bank account within 48 hours.

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