1. Take photos the Depop way

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Nice photos help you sell faster, period. How do you take nice photos? All you need is natural sunlight. It's that easy! Here is the bare minimum you need to do to take a nice, bright Explore search.png page-worthy photo:

1. Find a space in indirect sunlight, which is basically just a fancy way of saying a space next to, or near a window. Don't shoot after sunset when the room is artificially lit by desk lamps, floor lamps, florescent lighting, overhead lights, black lights, lava lamps, chili pepper string-lights, etc. These will give your photos a yellow tint, warp the true colours of the item, and cast distracting shadows, glares and 'hot spots' of light, all of which aren't the best way to show off your item.

This, for example, would be a great spot to shoot in a living room:

Likewise, with this bedroom:

Don't have windows? Go outside and shoot in front of an interesting wall or background!

Really in a pinch? Get creative! There are windows with light everywhere, like the bus, for example:

2. Neatly place your item in indirect light near the window and shoot. Always shoot on a clean background and never shoot on dirty floors, dirty rugs, old bedspreads, etc. If all else fails, you can always throw down a clean sheet, or try shooting on one of our cheap and easy better background hacks

The same goes for shooting clothing on a wall; make sure your garments are hung up neatly on a nice wooden hanger. 

You can also ask a friend to model your item for you or model it yourself!

And just to prove how easy this really is, here we are shooting in indirect natural light on a moving bus:

Here are the final photos, all of which could easily be featured on the Exploresearch.png page or any of our social media channels:

Shot on a living room floor


Shot on bedroom wall

Shot outside


Shot on a moving bus

Using a photo editing app like VSCOCAM or Snapseed to adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos will also give your shop a more consistent look.

Please note: Photos featured on the Explore search.png page must be original photography in a square format and can't have borders, filters, or watermarks. The post can't have spam tagging (tagging more than one brand or tagging unrelated brands or keywords) and can't require out-of-app payments (e.g. bank transfers, concealed cash, PayPal Friends & Family, etc.). 




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