Take photos and videos the Depop way

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Good photos help you sell. And all you need is natural light 😎 Here are some suggestions to raise your game and help you take an Explore page-worthy photo:

  • Find a space in indirect sunlight: outside, next to or near a window. Never shoot after sundown when the room is artificially lit - any form of artificial lighting will give your photos a yellow tint, warp colours and cast shadows.
  • Find an interesting background. Make your item stand out with a contrasting, textural background - whether that’s astro turf or wooden floors


  • Use paper for that professional look. Get your hands on a large piece of thick coloured paper and prop it against the wall for a seamless background. Alternatively, hold the item up against the paper.


  • Hold it up against the sky. If you’re really struggling, hold the item up against the sky or a wall for a completely foolproof background. Even grey skies work.


  • It’s good to give your Depop shop a style of its own, but remember to mix it up. Give your shop added personality. Stage a photoshoot with friends to add variety. There’s always a way.



There’s some things photos alone can’t show. And that’s where our newly introduced videos come in. By adding a video to your Depop shop you’ll give buyers a much better idea of size, scale and how the item fits, increasing your chances of selling. It also gives you a chance to go one step further with your creativity. Follow our tips to maximise your content.

  • Always aim to shoot in natural light. Outside if possible or if not, by a window.
    Same rules apply as in photos - indirect sunlight is always the most flattering light.
  • Use a model to wear the item so people can see movement and the way it fits.
  • You, your friend or a relative - rope in your loved ones to help show off the item.
  • Ask a friend to hold the camera when wearing the item so you can show a 360 degree view. If you’re modeling the outfit, get someone else to shoot it for you
  • Get creative with your angles. Try different shots and perspectives to figure out what looks best
  • Find somewhere quiet, the camera picks up your surrounding noise. Let the focus be on the item, not loud background noise
  • If you’re talking, get close to the camera so we can hear you
  • Don’t like how your video sounds? You can remove the audio completely from the preview screen, just tap on the audio icon in the upper left hand side of the screen
  • Using the voice-over feature is a good way to add music or the sound of your voice
  • Remember you’ll need to pick one of your frames for your cover. The longer the video, the more choices you’ll have


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