I shipped the item, but the buyer says they haven't received it

Team Depop -

Sometimes an item you’ve posted takes a little longer than expected to be delivered, or - ouch - gets lost in the post.

If you’ve kept a valid proof of shipping, just send this to the buyer to reassure them the item will be with them soon. If the item doesn’t show up, contact your shipping service provider to report the issue. They will help you locate the item and potentially offer you a refund if it really did get lost or damaged.

If you have sold your item through our in-app payment method - both you and the buyer are covered by our Protection programmes. If the buyer decides to open a dispute, you can fight it by providing a valid proof of shipping and delivery. Then PayPal will help you mediate the dispute.

If you haven’t kept a valid proof of shipping it might be difficult to prove that you have successfully shipped the item, so make sure you always follow our guidelines on how to sell safely on Depop to be covered in case something goes wrong.

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