What is 'Instant Payment' and how do I set it up?

Team Depop -

In order to start selling in the app, you need to activate Instant Payment.

When Instant Payment is turned on, the 'Buy' button under your item will turn green. When Instant Payment is turned off, a green 'Message' button will appear instead. Turn Instant Payment off if you want people to contact you with offers, or if the item is not actually for sale. When you are ready to sell, remember to turn it on again: your item will be ready for immediate purchase and the transaction will be covered by Seller and Buyer Protection.

To set the Instant Payment up:

  • Make sure you either have a PayPal account connected to Depop or Depop Wallet. Read more here.
  • Activate the Instant Payment switch in the item’s editing screen. All items you’ll post from then on will have the Instant Payment activated by default.

As for the items that you've listed before then, you will have to activate the option manually: select the item then tap the three dots icon > Edit > scroll down to Instant Payment > swipe the switch to the right to activate Instant Payment.

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