Can feedback be edited?

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Feedback cannot be edited. It can only be deleted by the user that left it.

 If you believe you were left unfair feedback, we recommend you contact the user first. Ask what you could do to improve the experience and explain that you value their feedback. They won’t be able to edit it, but they may decide to delete it so that it doesn’t affect your rating.

If you want to delete feedback you've left:

  • Go to Profile profile.png and find the feedback in your Purchased or Sold items list via the Receipts receipts.png icon 
  • Tap the feedback you left
  • Tap the trash can icon in the top right of the screen to delete your feedback permanently. Once you delete feedback, you will no be able to leave another one for the same transaction.

If you’re not able to reach a conclusion with the other user, then you can get in touch with us so we can review it.

We will only remove feedback if it falls under any of the following:

  • Fraudulent claims
  • Revenge feedback
  • Abusive content, including racism, homophobia, sexism etc
  • Untruthful feedback (where appropriate proof can be provided)
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