How can I search for items and people?

Team Depop -

Depop is home to so many inspirational products, the question is where to start?

Search for items and people on the Explore page. Just tap thesearch.png icon at the bottom of your screen to get started. Explore features our curated page of the best products and shops on Depop.

If you are looking for a specific item or user instead, our search filters will help you find them. Just go to the Explore page > type your keyword in the search bar > select the tab Items or Users > tap the Search icon to get your results.

To filter specific items, first selected the category, then filter items by size, price or location by tapping the filter icon at the top right corner of the screen. Add all your preferences there, then tap the tick in the top right corner. You will see only the items that match your criteria, from the most recent (top of the screen) down to the oldest.

Suggested shops are available to browse too, explore our list of the best and most exciting sellers to follow, by tapping the People icon in the top left corner of the Explore page.

Happy shopping!

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