Why is there a 'Buy' button and a 'Message' button?

Giorgia -

When a green 'Buy' button appears below an item, it means that the item is ready for instant buy. All you have to do is tap the button and you will be directed straight to the checkout page. Pay by card or PayPal, and the item is yours. Easy!

If the button below the item says 'Message', it means that the item is not instantly available for sale and we recommend that you message the seller to enquire (as the seller may want to be contacted with offers, or just discuss some details before selling). If you tap the 'message' button, the chat will automatically open and you’ll be able to send the seller a private message.

Once you agreed all details, ask them to activate the green ‘Buy’ button for you and purchase the item only through that. If you privately agree on other payment methods with the seller, such as bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, cash or other, you are paying “outside the app”. All out-of-app payments are unsafe and not protected, and for this reason they are not allowed as per our Terms and Conditions.

Read more about how to buy safely here.

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