Buyer Protection - How it works

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Buyer Protection ensures that your purchase is covered in case of problems, such as:

  • you don’t receive the item
  • the item you receive is significantly not as described. 


In order to be covered by Buyer Protection, you must:

  • purchase the item using the in-app green ‘Buy’ button. Read more about it here
  • report the transaction issue within 21 days from the date of shipping provided by the seller

Buyer Protection applies only if all of the conditions above are met. All purchases made outside of Depop are against our Terms of Use and are not covered by Buyer Protection. Also, non-material goods, prohibited items and meet-in-person transactions are not covered by Buyer Protection.

How it works

If your item has not arrived after 7 days from the date of purchase, or if what you received is significantly not as described, you can report the issue to us within 21 days from the date of shipping and we will reply to you with instructions on how to proceed. Please make sure you report the issue as explained in the paragraph 'How to open a dispute' below in order to guarantee a prompt reply.

Some disputes are handled internally by Depop, while some others are managed by PayPal depending on the kind of transaction. We will let you know as you contact us what the next steps you need to take are.

If we or PayPal verify that the item was not received or was significantly not as described, you will be entitled to a refund under Buyer Protection. If the item is not as described, we will ask you to return it to the seller before refunding you. Please know that we can only accept tracking codes as valid proof, and that the cost of returning the item cannot be refunded.

How to open a dispute

Open the app and go to Profile > Support > Help > Report a transaction problem > select ‘Purchased Items’ and find the transaction you want to report.
If the item is not shown, it means that the transaction was not made in-app and will not be covered by Buyer Protection. However, please report the issue anyway as we want to investigate any suspicious activity to protect the safety of the Depop Community.

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