How do I ship?

Zaina -

Congratulations on the sale! Now it's time to ship your item to your buyer, and here's how to do it:

1. Message your buyer to thank them for their purchase and let them know when you plan on shipping. The sooner you ship and the more you communicate with your buyer, the better your feedback will be! In order for your sale to be covered under PayPal's Seller Protection policy, you must use a tracked shipping method and share this number with your buyer, so this is also a good time to remind your buyer that you'll message them again with the tracking number once it becomes available.

2. Package your item. Place your item in a box or shipping envelope, available at office supply stores or the post office. To make sure everything arrives in one clean piece, pack your items well with bubble wrap, newspaper and/or tissue paper. Including a handwritten thank you note, stickers, candy, business card, or other personal touches is also a nice way to show your buyer that you appreciate their business and encourages them to shop with you again.

3. Bring your item to the nearest post office or shipping provider with your buyer's address and ship. You can find your buyer's address by navigating in-app to Profile > Sold items > tap the item receipt.

We also recommend the following delivery methods, all of which offer tracked shipping:

4. Message your buyer again. This time, send your buyer a message updating them that you've shipped their item and provide them with the tracking number. 

 5. Leave feedback

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