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We have now introduced video listings! With this fresh, new feature you can shoot short videos of your items to help you show off what you're selling. It's definitely a great help to buyers too as it will give them better insight into the item they are purchasing! The better you can present your item, the more 💰 you can make!

Here’s how it works...

Recording your video:

  • Tap the camera icon to begin brand new listing.
  • You will be brought to the listing page where you have the option to add 1 video and 4 photos. When you publish your post the video will be the first thing a buyer sees, so make sure it stands out, but you can still reshuffle the four photos before you list the item.
  • Tap “add video” Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.08.21.png
  • You will be asked to allow Depop to access to your camera and your microphone. Be sure to allow permissions on both.
  • To take the video, hold down the circle button. You can film as many segments as you like by holding and releasing the circle button. Each segment will be marked with a black dot. You can delete the last segment recorded by tapping Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.09.01.png  Videos can be a maximum length of 30 seconds, but need to be a minimum 5 seconds.
  • If you want to adjust your light settings, press Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.09.33.png to select from three options: automatic (default), disable flash, and flash on. You can also flip and reverse the camera with our ‘camera swap’ option Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.10.17.png Remember, this can only be changed when you aren’t recording
  • Once you have recorded 5 seconds or more and are happy with the recording, press the arrow in the upper right hand of the screen so you can review your video.


Reviewing your video:

  • Once you proceed to the review screen your video will play back automatically. Tap the screen to pause it and choose sound options at the top of the screen.
  • Toggle Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.17.36.png  on or off to remove the video audio. A message will appear asking to confirm that you want to discard it. If want to add it back, you can tap on the ‘back arrow’ (top, left of the screen) to go back to the original recording. Note: this will revert any changes you’ve made from the current screen.
  • You can also add a voiceover by tapping Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.18.47.png


How to add voiceover:

  • After you have recorded your video, you will have the option to speak over or add music to it by selecting Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.18.47.png at the top, right of the screen. If you haven’t removed your original video audio, you’ll get a message asking if you want to discard the audio you’ve recorded.
  • The video will playback and hold Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.20.49.png record your voice over


At this time audio cannot be recorded in individual segments, so once you start and stop recording, you will only have the option to keep or redo your voice-over.

  • Tap the check-mark to go back to the preview screen for any final edits and tap the redo icon to re-record your voice-over.

Adding a cover:

Remember, the video will be the first thing a buyer sees so make sure you select a cover to make it POP!

You can use our cover picking slider to choose how your item will appear at first on Depop. Once you are happy, tap Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.22.00.png and your item will be out in the world!

IMPORTANT: There isn’t a way to go back and re-edit the video once you leave this screen, so make sure you’re happy with how everything looks, and sounds, before tapping Screen_Shot_2018-03-14_at_14.22.00.png






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